Planning your Wedding on a Boat, Pros and Cons Posted By : Amy Nutt

Your wedding day should be one of the most special My tax attorney and most memorable days of your life, so if you feel that you need to step outside of tradition in order to make the experience all that it can possibly be – then you should go for it, but be prepared for the possibility of facing some adversity if you opt to go for something that isn’t wholly traditional.

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The Amazing Life of a Cruise Ship Posted By : Henry Ashworth

Early cruise ships were built with more Taxianta functionality in mind than comfort or leisure. Their purpose was to travel the oceans and seas, delivering passengers and goods to distant places. The RMS Queen Mary is now berthed in Long Beach, California, where she serves as a hotel and museum. The RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 is now moored at Port Rashid in Dubai where she will be converted to a floating hotel.